Regardless of what activity we undertake we are exposed to risks. In many cases it is impossible to eliminate or completely control all hazards. Yet we still engage in these activities because we consider the risk to be acceptable. With this in mind Bandit Energy Services has structured our safety program around the kind of safety which:

  • Protects all workers but does not overburden them with obscure rules and impractical procedures.
  • Strives to establish each worker’s level of experience and competency in order to restrict them from partaking in any activity beyond their ability but yet provides them with training, direction challenges and opportunity.
  • Does not strictly enforce or expect a list of rules to apply to each and every situation (some rules themselves create or become the hazard!). Therefore we continue to develop a system that is flexible and able to adapt to changing conditions and circumstances.
  • Through the application of solid logic, training, hazard control and good work habits, safety becomes first because it makes sense.
  • All of us at Bandit Energy Services are genuinely interested in the welfare of those working for us and those affected by our activities.

Bandit COR Certificate - November 13, 2018

Bandit Energy Service’s safety and environmental programs are currently overseen by William (Bill) Mason. Bill began work in the oil patch in June of 1969 with Braidnor construction in Drayton Valley. From there he moved on to Mobil Oil Canada and trained to operate wells, battery’s and treating stations and later supervised the construction of pipelines, tank farms, and facilities. This eventually initiated the move into the Safety, Health & Environmental department as a Coordinator where Bill has spent the majority of his working career.

  • Training:
  • Certified Safety Auditor
  • Certified ISO Environmental Auditor & ISO 14000 Interpretation
  • Certified Incident Investigator / Tap-Root Advanced Team Leader
  • 3Rd Class Steam Ticket
  • Process Hazard Analysis Team Leader
  • Emergency Response Trainer
  • PME Trainer
  • Oils Spill Containment and Recovery Trainer
  • On Scene Commander Trainer