Why Are We Different

Valued Clients & Potential clients.

If you choose Bandit Energy Services, you have chosen a partner. We pride ourselves on completing every project on time and on budget. All of our field management teams are experienced and have the knowledge to complete numerous projects. We also have a corporate management team that is willing to help our field management teams at the drop of a hat. We encourage our crews to involve our clients in problem solving, and the process of working together. Over the past decade and hundreds of Kilometers of pipeline installed we have learned these things.

HONESTY, RESPONSIBILITY prevail in all circumstances. I was given some good advice by someone who had “been there and done that” and I have implemented our business to mirror there sentiments.

“Do it right, do it honestly, and you’ll never have to look over your shoulder”

Thanks very much, and we hope you choose Bandit Energy Services.
Jamie Walker